3 Delicious Snacks to Indulge in Corralejo


When I travel, I try to experience as much of the local food as possible. I really like to explore a country with its tastes and smells, because they are an experience of their own.

Usually, when you think of the seaside Spanish villages you think of delicious sea food and cocktails. And this is especially true when talking about Corralejo in Fuerteventura. Well… I travel with a one-year-old, so my experiences are a little different than most. But not less exciting by any means.

Having said that, I fell in love with the food in Corralejo, just not the type of food you are thinking. Here are my favourites and despite they are not healthiest type, I highly recommend you to try them on your next visit, between a rich Mediterranean meal and another.

Kinder Bueno Ice Cream at Coco Banana:

This stuff is addictive. Imagine a Kinder Bueno, so smooth and delicious, but wrapped in refreshing and thrilling vanilla ice cream. The great thing was the Kinder Bueno was not blended and crushed up to form part of the ice cream, you got real big chunks of cold deliciousness to treat that sweet tooth of yours.

The ice cream comes in small tubs, which look underwhelming until you see how full they get stacked. These things are enormous! The Coco Banana parlour has a seating area too so you can sit in and enjoy your choice in a clean and friendly atmosphere.

Nutella Croissants:

I know croissants are a French thing, and Fuerteventura is in Spain… But I had never tried these before coming here. There is no one place that is best to have them, and all the little cafes around town seem to offer some variety of them. The ones we enjoyed best had a couple of chocolate sprinkles on the outer layer, and were sprinkled with icing sugar! Yum.


Pizza at San Borondan Restaurant:

We decided to be greedy and for lunch settled down at San Borondan for a pizza. The restaurant is hidden down to the right of the Aberdeen Steakhouse, down by the shore line. It has a wonderful range of outdoor seating, but also offers a TV for those who like to keep up with the football over lunch.

Margarita pizza was our choice off the menu. We hadn’t expected more than the calorie loaded and cheese heavy pizzas we get back home. The pizza that arrived was identical to the authentic Italian pizzas I had in Rome many years earlier.

The base was thin, and not packed full of useless calories that leave your stomach heavy after you eat. It was light and really refreshing. The sauce for the base was smooth and boasted some wonderful flavours. The cheese was evenly spread, and not overpowering. It quickly made its way to the list of ‘best pizza’s in the world.’



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