5 Best Fitness Apps for an Active Traveller

best fitness app

I’m admittedly not the fittest person in the world, unfortunately.  I do enjoy physical activities, but as I wasn’t blessed with that natural sportive talent some people display and motor coordination is just enough to keep me on my feet, I’m not as active as I could be.

I’m also shameless to say I’m absolutely terrified of getting fat. I grew up in an obese family and I have seen all sorts of misery a couple of stones over can do to your health. Conscious enough of carrying the same genes in me, I try to compensate my disastrous sportive profile by engaging in some solo fitness activities to burn what litres of daily green tea can’t manage to.

When I’m travelling, I prefer to explore the new place on foot, but as I love to explore the local kitchens as well, I always feel that all my wandering around is not enough to keep the scale pointers on the right place.

Thank heavens now we can have a whole gym with plenty of personal trainers right inside our pocket. There are endless fitness apps out there to choose from. If like me you always have the certainty you could have had at least two glasses of wine less than you did, check out below my favourite fitness apps:


If high-intensity training using no more than your own bodyweight is your thing, Freeletics is the app for you. What I like most about Freeletics is that you can do a full body knackering workout in no much more than five minutes. Just make sure you have a shower around. You’re going to need it.

Emily Skye

Another one of my favourites, Emily Skye presents multiple video workouts to trim and tone the entire body. The only disadvantage for us, travellers, is that sometimes some equipment like dumbbells and an elastic band is needed. If you’re good at improvising, go for it.

Daily Yoga

I tried a lot of yoga apps before, but I really liked this one. As a yoga newbie, I’m not quite mastering a handstand yet, but the videos are very well made, simple and explanative. Pictures of me hand standing in a paradisiac location to follow.


Despite having tried pilates before, I was completely oblivious to how successful this was on youtube until I download it. If you love Pilates, you should give it a go. If you don’t, you should give it a go as well. I couldn’t think about a better exercise to do in a hotel room. Rainy days always happen.


This one is an absolute must have! If you like to explore, which I’m sure you do, this app will show you the best outdoor experiences in a chosen location. Hikers, climbers, campers and waterfall chasers will find this app very useful to keep themselves busy and, more than ever, fit.


What about you? How’s your favourite way to keep fit on the road? Leave me a comment!

*Please note no recommendations are paid or sponsored.


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