6 Ways Hypnosis Can Improve Your Travels

Ways Hypnosis Can Improve Your Travels

As much as travelling is an amazing experience in itself, it sometimes comes with some discomforts caused by the sudden environmental changes that occur in both our bodies and mind, such as climate, time zone and even food.

If you’re an experienced traveller, you have probably already faced a couple of those discomforts and have your own techniques to help you reduce them, but hypnosis is something a bit more unusual I can definitely recommend for such purposes.

If you know me, you’re aware I am this kind of person, always attracted to and giving a go to the ”unusual”. I made use of self-hypnosis before, for non-travel related issues and I can absolutely vouch for this practice – who doesn’t have some self-improvement to make after all?

Things Happen in Your Mind First

People very often have a wrong idea and even some level of fear of being hypnotised (I blame the cheesy on-stage acts for that). But the truth is that hypnotherapy, despite being highly effective, doesn’t offer any danger for those being treated. Engaging in sexual activities with strangers or having your bank account cleaned up after a hypnosis section? It’s never going to happen.

What actually happens when you are hypnotised is that your mind becomes more focused and receptive to suggestions, making concepts and possibilities easier to get imprinted in your subconscious mind, which further on will be experienced in your practical life. But only if you want it – no one can force you to accept things you don’t want to! (You can read more technical details about hypnosis here)

There are numerous uses for hypnosis, but the list below was inspired by you, my travel readers, who may feel challenged by those issues whilst trying to have a good time exploring new places:

  • Fear of Flying

If you scared of flying, you certainly can travel other ways, but no doubt a plane will take you further and give you the chance to explore more. Hypnosis is an effective way to overcome this fear by promoting a change in your mindset. Ready to try hypnosis for fear of flying? Click here.

  • Language Barrier

It’s well known some people avoid travelling to some places because of the difficulties with the local language. Hypnosis can help you unlock all the amazingness of your brain to learn a new language in no time. Ready to try hypnosis for language learning? Click here.

  • Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are especially common when you travel lots – it’s not only about jet lag, sometimes is just a bit difficult to adapt to a new bed, a new pillow, a new room… If you suffer from lack of sleep when travelling, hypnosis can always help you guarantee a good night sleep to get you ready for a day of adventures. Ready to try hypnosis for sleep disorders? Click here.

  • Upset Bowel and Stomach

When visiting a new place, trying the local food is a must-do. But sometimes the new flavours and ingredients don’t come across as well as we wish, apart from the constant food poisoning threat! If you don’t want to compromise your travels with too many trips to the toilet, you can prevent it beforehand through self-hypnosis. Ready to try hypnosis for upset bowel and stomach? Click here.

  • Social Insecurity

If you’re an introvert or if you’re solo-travelling, meeting new people must be a bit challenging, especially when you’re young and first-timer. Everything has a solution. Hypnosis can help you overcome your shyness, boost your confidence and make you more charismatic. Ready to try hypnosis for social insecurity? Click here, here and here.

  • Short Finances

We all love travelling, but we all know we need money for that. Unfortunately, hypnosis cannot make you attract money with the power of your mind, but it can change your mindset to turn you into a more financially conscious person, enabling you to save more money for your travels or even finding other ways to make money. Ready to try hypnosis for your finances? Click here and here.


I’m so into self-hypnosis that I would love to introduce you to all the good this practice has to offer. If you want to try it for FREE, click the banner below and enjoy my special gift for you:



  1. Hooray! I am a qualified hypnotherapist and understand there is still a lot of stigma and taboo around this subject. So many don’t believe and just want it to fail so thank you for breaking this down and sharing.


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