Affordable Luxury In Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda

If there is something I haven’t realised yet, it’s what type of traveller I am. But something I’m really sure about is that those kinds of “lie-down-and-watch-life-pass-by” holidays don’t meet my travelling expectations in the slightest. They suck, actually. And even if I enjoyed this kind of trip, in times of Netflix I guess I would need an extra push to move my bum from my sofa to another seat somewhere else in the world, just for the sake of a change in the scenery.

Why people spend money to travel to do absolutely nothing with their time is something that is definitely beyond my understanding. However, it doesn’t mean I can’t cope with one or two days (no more than that though!) of inertia, sun and drinks in a stunningly beautiful location, especially if plane tickets are not required for that.

Baja Sardinia
Baja Sardinia Beach – full of “travellers”

I’ve been living in Sardinia for a year and a half now, and although the island is beautiful as a whole, I’ve always heard about a paradise spot in the north (I live in the South) that attracts all sorts of rich and famous people interested, I’m guessing, in hiding from the rest of the world, considering not that many people have the vaguest idea of where exactly Sardinia is. It’s obviously a good place to go and do nothing more than admire the landscape between a spritz and another.


Costa Smeralda is reportedly the most expensive location in Europe, situated in the northeast of Sardinia, more specifically in the coastal area of the town of Arzachena and its suburbs. The area was developed by an Islamic prince in the early 60’s and since then it has drawn some affluent visitors to their natural sandy beaches, turquoise sea, exclusive hotels and private villas. There is something else I’m really sure about as well: I’m far from being the right type of traveller for this place, but as curiosity always gets the best from me, I had to see it with my own little eyes.


Being just four hours away from our destination, my boyfriend and I decided to drive there along the very exciting Sardinian curvy roads that were strangely quiet considering we chose the busy Ferragosto weekend to go. If like us, you’re not the lucky owner of a private yacht or helicopter, like its most popular visitors, the area is also reachable by plane, from Olbia airport, by train from Cagliari and by ferry from Civitavecchia and Genoa.


Even though our hotel was in Baja Sardinia, we decided to stop in Porto Cervo to have a look around and fill in our starving stomachs. And what we saw wasn’t from this world, or at least not from the normal Sardinian world: fancy sport cars, huge yachts, helicopters flying over our heads, incredible hotels and spas over the hills, and surprisingly, not as many people around as I was expecting. Where were they? We couldn’t see them, but that smell was doubtless… The smell was money’s. A lot of it.

Marina Porto Cervo
The smallest yacht we’ve seen

At this point we started to get a bit concerned: how much would our meal cost in this place? Taking the risk of having to leave an arm and a leg behind to pay our bill, we chose one of the beautiful restaurants in the town centre to have our late lunch/early dinner. For our amazement, it wasn’t overpriced at all, and for me this was the moment when I started to really enjoy the place. The best setting, the best service, the best food and drink… for exactly the same usual price. Who doesn’t want that?

Costa Smeralda
Costa Smeralda


Despite staying in a very cute and kind of luxurious agriturismo, having had an incredibly fun evening dancing until early morning in one of the most out-of-place clubs ever and soften all those hangover feelings under the amazing fifty shades of blue of the local sea, Costa Smeralda didn’t have much more to offer. At least not for me. Or maybe the options were just hidden and only available for those rich and famous that were supposed to be there (where were they?). Or most probably, the fact of having stunning beaches by my doorstep have spoiled me a little bit. And after that, I might have just discovered what kind of traveller I am: a very fussy one.

You can see more pictures of this trip here.

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