Baking Soda for Travellers: 11 Exceptional Hacks

Baking Soda for Travellers

Every time I watch Peter Pan I wonder if Tinker Bell’s pixie dust is actually baking soda. The white powder has so many wonderful uses that it wouldn’t surprise me if it could also make us fly around!

The potential of baking soda is widely known in the most diverse areas, such as the actual baking area, in beauty or even in cleaning, because of its antibacterial properties.

What really surprises me is the fact that not many travellers seem to have discovered all the wonders this white powder can do whilst they are on the road since it can work as a replacement for a lot of items we might not have in hand at some specific moment.

Baking soda for travellers is pretty much like a saviour for any situation and for that reason, I made a list with eleven exceptional uses for this magic powder to show you why you should always keep it in your wash bag:

Face & Body Scrub

After a sweaty day of adventures under a hot sun, all we want is a long shower or bath with a good scrub to take reminiscences of the day go away and bring some freshness back.

I don’t know you, but body scrubs are not in my list of priorities when preparing my toiletries bag for a trip, what means I never have them for these moments. Furthermore, they are liquid and carrying liquids always makes me a little concerned.

But with baking soda in hand, we can have a body scrub in a matter of minutes! Just mixture 3 parts of powder with 1 part of water, rub it gently with a circular movement and rinse away all the vestiges of your day.


It’s common to get an upset stomach when travelling abroad and eating all sorts of dishes our organism is not used to. It happens that baking soda also helps to quickly relieve tummy issues like indigestion, heartburn, gases and even diarrhea. Just mixture 1 teaspoon with a glass of water and drink it. It doesn’t taste amazing but it works.


Deodorants are essential items, especially if you love to spend time wandering around. But if like me, you’re a bit concerned of buying items abroad that you haven’t used before and you ran out of deodorant, that same baking soda + water paste can be used in your armpits to avoid undesired smells.


Got yourself sunburned? You can soothe the discomfort on your skin by mixing baking soda into your bath water.

Bug Bites

The antibacterial properties of baking soda are also handy to treat bug bites and relieve the itchiness. You can use both paste and bath soaking techniques for that.

Laundry Detergent

If you like to spend time outdoors, hiking, camping and exploring, baking soda can also act as a laundry boost for those muddy outfits. Especially if they need to be hand-washed: leave the clothes soaking in baking soda for a while to make them easier to clean.

Deodorise Shoes 

Smelly shoes are the price we pay for being explorers. It will be a small price, though, if you carry baking soda with you. You can use it as a talcum powder inside your shoes or even mixing with water to spray inside them.

Clean Fruits

Those who like to take fruits to eat on the go can leave them soaking beforehand in a bowl of water with a tablespoon of baking soda to kill all the germs and bacteries that might be present on their skin. This technique is also good for vegetables.

Soften Calluses

If you spend your days wandering around, you’re more than likely to have some calluses at some point. When this happen, you will definitely be glad to have baking soda with you. By soaking your feet in a bowl with warm water, baking soda and some scented essential oil (why not?) you can not only relieve the pain and disinfect the calluses, but also scrub them away (with the scrub paste) when they are not painful anymore.

Fungus Treatment

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I’ve never got any fungus whilst travelling, but there’s always a risk when you’re sleeping and showering where all sorts of people have done it before. If the worst happens, use the previous soaking technique. You might need to do more than once depending on how unfortunate your case is.

Spot Remover

Forget the tooth paste. For pimples, the baking soda paste are far more effective.


These are just a few uses for baking soda, ones I can swear by, but I’m sure there are a lot more out there that I don’t even know about. What about you? Have you ever used baking soda? Do you know any other special use for it? Let us know in the comments!


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