Exploring Paris In 24 Hours

Exploring Paris In 24 Hours

Nothing is more exciting than flying over the city, about to land and embarking on exploring every corner the beautiful place has to offer. Then the disappointment hits: you only have 24 hours. Worried that you won’t get the chance to immerse yourself? Never fear! This post is a guide through my eyes to spend 24 hours in the beautiful Paris and getting to see what the city has to offer even in a short timeframe!

This is my 24 hours in Paris along with my recommendations for you. We all have different tastes and there are so many things to do in Paris, but I’m sure not even a local Parisian has seen and done everything!

My 24 hours began at 12.30pm when I arrived at Montparnasse Train Station after having caught the fast train up from Tours.

I walked to my accommodation just around the corner, Hotel Odessa.

This adorable hotel has everything you need. A comfy bed and a cute little balcony to drink a morning coffee. What more could a girl want?

1 pm – The Start

After leaving my bags, I headed to the metro. The Paris metro is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to get around and see the sights.

The best metro ticket is a 2-day pass. This allows you to get to most zones and stops and cost around 20€

I caught the metro to Notre Dame. The sheer size of this piece of architecture is gobsmacking enough not to mention the incredible detail of the design. Walking around the island and then across Love Locks bridge (there are many other bridges with locks), I stroll along the river Seine, admiring the stalls set up, the busy yet calm atmosphere is slightly addictive.

3 pm – Next stop: The Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées

champs elysee

I don’t recommend you eat there at all. I think even the McDonalds is overpriced.

I take in the hustle and bustle of the crazy Parisien drivers at the Arc de Triumph and have a laugh at the road rage.

You can climb up to the top if you wish. The line can sometimes be quite long but I highly recommend it.

The Champs-Élysées can make you feel like the richest person on earth. From the Louis Vuitton stores to the Ferrari showrooms, it’s all high end, pretty, sparkly and very fancy… I just get stuck window shopping.

5 pm – Dinner time!

After all the walking I’ve worked up quite an appetite.

Honestly, the amount of places there are to eat at in Paris is ridiculous. From the Champs-Élysées I started making my way to the Eiffel Tower. I passed so many restaurants, I just picked one that appealed to me. Pick one that catches your eye, your nose and your heart. The character and charm of some places are just irresistible. Bon Appetit!

7 pm – My favourite part. And a part that no trip to Paris is complete without…

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower!

La Tour Eiffel is open from 9 am until midnight and costs 17€ to go to the summit. A must-do to see the beautiful city lights. There is no better sight than looking over the whole of Paris at night time.

Note: Be patient when travelling up and down the tower. This is one of the most famous monuments in the world and everyone wants a glimpse of the city from the top, there will be lots of people up there!

10 pm – Taking it all in

I spent a while just taking it all in. However, how long you spend up there staring out at the magnificent view is up to you… Until they kick you out that is.


A cold serve of Gelato or a warm crepe will certainly be calling your name. There are many stalls along the street and Riverside are first class. My go-to spot was right below Hotel Odessa, at a little window in the wall, opposite the entrance to the Hotel. The most delicious crepes I’ve ever had!

7 am – Breakfast

Drinking coffee and eating croissants on the balcony from the Patisserie downstairs is certainly the best way to start the day.

8 am – Sacré Cœur

Sacre Coeur

Another metro ride, this time to the Sacré Cœur. A different feel to other parts of Paris, but amazing in itself. The view of the city from the steps of the building is not to be missed. The carousel at the bottom is equally beautiful, be sure not to miss a photo opportunity!

WARNING: Pick Pocketers and scammers are quite common in Paris. Take care, use your common sense and do some research before you go about what to look for and things to avoid.

9.30 am – Boat Tour

I took a boat trip with the Bateaux Mouches. They are open excursion boats that tour up and down the river Seine. A beautiful and relaxing way to end the trip. The view from the river allows a different perspective of all the beauty Paris has to offer.

11 am – Saying goodbye

Back to Hotel Odessa to collect my belongings before catching a train to CDG airport, in time for my flight home.

Be sure to allow enough time if you’re flying internationally. My trip to the airport took over 1 hour.

So there you have it. 24 hours in Paris. Rest assured once you have been, you’ll want to come again, and again. Paris definitely leaves a mark on your soul and an unforgettable memory until next time you visit.

In such a short period, you will certainly need to use the very efficient Parisien public transport. You can read our Guide to Paris Public Transport HERE.


Jess FuhlbohmJess Fuhlbohm writes about travel and wellness at myintrepidsoul.com. For more of her content, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

*Please note no recommendations are paid or sponsored.


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