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A couple of days ago, I was reading about the insanities of the modern feminists and I found out that one of their main idiotic pet-hates has to do with how we, humans, do our personal toilet businesses. In their dopey opinion, the physical advantage men have of being able to pee standing up goes against the concept of “gender equality”, and for that reason, men should just ignore biology and sit down to pee… Don’t they have any more important issues to protest against? Apparently, all the injustices women face in places like Africa and Middle East, for example, are not important enough.

Call me old-fashioned, but…

If you’re one of my loyal readers, you probably remember I had the GoGirl in my Traveller’s Christmas Gift List (if you missed it, you can read it HERE). Well, my hilarious boyfriend gave me one of those to test, I’m not sure yet if it was because he’s fed up of me whinging about my full bladder whilst we’re out there hiking or just because he wants to have a laugh at my expense.

For those who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, the GoGirl is an accessory that allows women to pee standing up – my first thought was whether it was a feminist invention or not, in the name of the “equality”, but then I realised this would be just too clever for them and far less imposing.

GoGirl Packaging

GoGirl Packaging

Biology, ideologies and dramas apart, the fact is that for us, female travellers, in some situations, sitting down to pee can be really uncomfortable and depending on where harmful too (think about all those impracticable chemical toilets we have in festivals). For that reason, an accessory like the GoGirl presents itself as really promising.

With all the awkwardness that is possible to feel, I decided to try it out and post my impressions here. You shouldn’t expect any in-use pictures though.


The product comes squeezed into a small and well-designed plastic tube which makes it really easy to carry around – depending on what you wear, it could easily fit in your pocket. But this would be BEFORE using it. The actual device is a lot bigger and if you don’t have a source of water to wash it out after using it, you won’t be able to squeeze it back into the original tube (unless you don’t mind making a wet and smelly mess).

The GoGirl also comes with a little plastic bag exactly for an after-use storage purpose, but then you can forget the previous commodity: you will have to walk around with a urination device smelling of wee in a bag. Yes.

The device. Don’t ask me who on Earth would flush something that big…


The instructions tell us to practice at home to be sure we’re using it correctly. It’s a little like playing tennis: you know you have to hit the ball with the racket, but it’s not that simple. There is a whole technique to follow as you can see in the images below.

GoGirl right positioning

To be able to hold the device like shown in the image, you will have to actually position yourself like a man peeing: knees slightly bent and hips slightly forward. And then manage to concentrate and let the wee come out. For me it was more complicated than it sounds – probably because I wasn’t in my usual pee position, my brain suffered a kind of block and refused to let me do the job for a few seconds. But it’s just a matter of getting used to it, I suppose.


As long as you hold it properly, the GoGirl works perfectly, but that’s the real challenge here, especially if you’re using trousers. I’m sure I don’t need to get into the details. Just take another look at the image above and try to visualise the scene of you trying to couple the device onto the right place with your trousers on… Yes, because if you have to put them down to use the device, everything loses its purpose, I guess. With my trousers down I could simply squat. It would be more natural and less uncomfortable than bending my knees, putting my hips forward and convincing my brain that’s ok to pee like that.

If you’re using a dress or a skirt, then you will be fine. I don’t know you, but I don’t normally go on a hike wearing dress or skirt…

My conclusion is either I love being a woman too much, even with all the supposed disadvantages or I’m just a little biased to walk around with a portable penis in my bag to use it when it’s convenient. The GoGirl serves to its purpose (even if it’s a little challenging) and I will probably keep it my bag (shhhh it’s a secret!), just in case. If I’m going to use it is another story.

If you’d like to try the GoGirl, you can buy it HERE.


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