Trekking the Gorropu Gorge in Sardinia

trekking gorroupu gorge sardinia

Usually, when people come to Sardinia, they come to enjoy the incredible beaches and the delicious rustic Italian food (you can see a few examples HERE) between a Spritz and another.

Having been lived in this island for probably too long, I can safely say Sardinia is more than a piece of land surrounded by beautiful sandy (and sometimes pebbly) beaches with a stunning turquoise sea.

If like me you love a challenging trekking, Sardinia has plenty of options for you. My favourite one so far has been the Gorrupu Gorge, one of the deepest canyons in Europe.

Gennargentu Map
This is a cool map at the beginning of the path showing all of the points of interest in the area, including Punta La Marmora, the highest peak in the island

View of Gennargentu

The gorge is located in the Supramonte area, under the administrative district of Nuoro and Ogliastra, central eastern Sardinia, extending from the slopes of the Gennargentu to the Gulf of Orosei.

Cows on the road
There are lots of them on the way!
Canyon Su Gorropu
Quick break to admire the view and record the moment

There are various paths leading to the Gorge and I obviously chose the most difficult one, with the most scenic landscape though. You can also reach the gorge by jeep with one of the many guided tours offered in the area.

Cave at Su Gorropu

Chilling Cows
When they are not blocking the road, they are just there… chilling

Our 4 kilometres downhill adventure took us around 2 hours to be completed with lots of stops along the way to admire the spectacular views.

gorropu interior canyon
View from the bottom
Walking Tree
Have you ever seen a tree with legs?

Arriving at the gorge you can still walk (safely) for about 1.5 kilometres of a relatively narrow stony ground between two limestones cliffs with an approximate altitude of 650 metres.

Wood Shelter Gorropu
I wonder if they rent it out…

Talita Soncini at Gorropu Gorge

Prickly Pears
I didn’t fancy a Prickly Pear picking though…

If you’d like to experience a little of the Sardinian countryside and the natural beauty of the Gorropu Gorge, you can find more information HERE.

Talita-Soncini at Gennargentu

Have you ever been to the Gorropu Gorge? Don’t forget to tell us your experience in the comments!



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