Referral Program

At Talita's Wanderlust, we’re well on course to becoming the biggest travelwear brand on the web and as such, we recognize and appreciate that our valued customers are able to help us to attain that goal. If you love our stuff and have a friend, travel buddy, classmate or colleague whom you think will love our stuff too, kindly refer them to us! You can refer them via your personalized link.

We will offer you a $10 for every successful referral that you make.

Eligibility criteria for referral bonus

Your referral must register using the ‘Refer a Friend’ code obtainable from the delivered email notification or shared link when you referred them and complete an order for you to be eligible for a referral bonus.
Talita's Wanderlust will not accept claims for referral bonuses where this process is not duly followed.

The referral bonus is only to be applied when the referred customer successfully makes his/her first qualified order.

Referrals of the same person by multiple customers will result in a bonus payment only to the first referral correctly registered through the Refer a Friend scheme.

The referrers are limited to send up to 50 referral emails and shares per week. The referrers are also limited to collect 30 rewards per month and/or 1000 rewards in a lifetime.


You cannot refer an existing customer of Talita's Wanderlust under this scheme.
You cannot refer yourself under this scheme.
Referrals cannot be made for any individual who has opted out of Talita's Wanderlust within the last 6 months.

Referral Bonus

Referral bonuses will be given in the form of a discount on new qualified orders placed by referring customer.

Referral bonuses cannot be used together with other discounts and coupon codes.


We reserve the exclusive right to modify or withdraw the policy and/or suspend user accounts found to violate our referral policy with or without notice at any time.